How We Survived Snowpocalypse 2017 on our Off-grid Homestead

We unexpectedly found our homestead just before winter’s first snow and while we didn’t have everything we needed for winter (See Mistakes We Made); we did plan ahead for a potential winter storm holding us captive in our home.

Here’s what we did to stay safe for a homebound snowpocalypse:

Prepare AND maintain water storage

Every time we went into town we filled up 40-gals worth of water jugs.

Every day we collected snow to melt for laundry, dishes, and cooking.

This allowed us to keep a constant 55-gal food grade barrel full of water.

Kept a drinking water filter on hand to filter melted snow water.  When melting snow for drinking water we boiled it first.

Store Bulk Food and Meal Plan

We do not yet have a pantry, nor any other storage options for food i.e. root cellar, garage, basement, shed, etc.  Therefore, we had to pick a few bulk items to keep on hand.  We chose rice, beans, flour, honey, chicken stock, tomato sauce, frozen turkeys, and constantly kept 5 dozen eggs rotated.

General Meal planning not only helps us keep within our food budget and keeps daily life simpler BUT meal planning helped during Snowpocalypse 2017 by allowing us to have 3 days of meals before we had to dip into our bulk food.  Practicing meal planning allowed us to look at our inventory and make a meal plan based on those items.

Alternative Heat Source

When we first moved to our property we had to play catch up on cutting wood.  We purchased some North Idaho Energy Logs to get us started.  Later when our unseasoned wood needed constant 24/7 vigilance to maintain heat, we supplemented our fire with fifths of the energy logs.  We decided to purchase a pallet load to keep on hand for emergencies too.  Emergencies such as if one of us was out of commission and we could not keep cutting wood, OR a snowpocalypse!  Next year we will have wood stored but for this season it was important to have a contingency plan for providing our family with heat.

Keep shoveling Snow

We have a long drive, a road maintained by neighbors, and a 2WD pickup truck.  What could go wrong?  We knew at some point we may get stuck but to keep the odds in our favor we shoveled every time snow fell.  This kept our drive manageable and our only concern the road.  But life is still unpredictable.  So head on over to Mistakes We Made and see the rest of this story.