Product Reviews

Side-by-Side Review of Water Jugs

We moved onto our property just as winter hit and before we could set up our water catchment system; consequently we had to haul our water.  Here are the 3 types/brands of jugs we used and how we rated them.

*Note: these are our honest reviews and opinions.  We were in no way compensated.

Side-by-Side Specs

  Midwest Can Co. Igloo Reliance
Size 6 gals / 22.7 L 6 gals / 22.7 L 8 gals / 30 L
Place of Purchase Sporting goods store Hardware store Big box store
Cap type Twist n’ lock Push on Screw on
Spout ring Fuel type Screw on with eyelets n/a
Spout Type Traditional Traditional Spigot
Intake Caps n/a part of spout Pop out Screw on
Air Intake In spout Hole in container body Hole in container body
Handles 2 top/rear 2 top/rear 1
Manufactured Made in the USA Made in the USA Made in Canada
Flow Moderate Slow Fast
Material BPA free BPA free Food Grade Polyethylene
Extra features n/a n/a Wheels and pull-behind handle

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