Off Grid Homestead Budget

Ever wonder what it costs to go off grid and start up a homestead?

We did.  But there’s not a great deal of info out there.  Mainly because aside from privacy, every homestead is different with different needs, expenditures, and income.  We are not experts, but we know how it felt to search for a homesteading financial compass.  And while what we did find was only a small help with no major impact on our decisions, those little things provided us with comfort.  Mostly, reassurance that it can be done!  And reading between the lines you can get an idea of different homesteading (particularly off grid homesteading) needs that you may not anticipate from the traditional sticks and bricks suburbia lifestyle.

So, while we are not sure this will help anyone, and we do not want critics on here as we best understand our needs and full non-disclosed budget; NONETHELESS, we want to provide that comforting compass like others did for us.  We hope these monthly budgets will be a bit of a security blanket or maybe a wide gauge for someone whom cannot begin to fathom types of expenses.  Additionally, it holds us accountable to keep monitoring our budget as this is an important part of any lifestyle!