January 2017

Escaping Negativity

What to do with naysayers?


We have been discussing alternative housing and homesteading with our family and friends for years but when our offer on a property was accepted, our supporters suddenly turned into naysayers.  We were not prepared for what would happen when our dreams became reality… to other people.  Consequently, we found ourselves overwhelmingly in a bad mood about our decision to homestead and the property we were purchasing when a few days prior we were literally jumping for joy.

The Secret Ending (spoiler alert): A friend just asked me, “if you could do it over, would you buy the same place?”  Another asked me, “so you guys still going to keep doing this off-grid homestead thing?”

To both I happily answered “YES!”

I (Charlie) can be moody but when Tom is in a funk it’s rare and therefore extremely apparent.  He is the most even keeled unflappable person ever.  The effects of sharing our good news with everyone was a resounding of our every micro doubt into a wave of fear and a shattering of our confidence.  And to me this became obvious when Tom was upset.

Even our perception that “everyone” was against this was off because of the weight we gave that negative feedback.  One supportive friend helped turn our perception around.  We shared the feedback with him and he dismissed it reminding us that we have researched and made informed decisions, we have backup plans, etc.  And if we didn’t do this we’d always wonder “what if?”

Suddenly we found our courage again.  This just built as we talked to our RV neighbors; all of whom were also buying properties, and they dismissed our fears with logic.  That went something like this, “what if we don’t have time to get our cistern water catchment system set up before it snows?”  This was a fear that a well-meaning friend put in our heads. Our RV friend replied, “snow melts.”  Snow for water. That simple and something we had already planned.  However, letting all the doubt in our minds put up a zero-visibility cloud and suddenly we were not looking at our lives through our own researched and planned eyes.  So here’s what we did to turn back into our homestead-lifestyle-seeking selves:


Meet Charlie & Tom



NE Ohio born and raised Charlisina (Charlie) Newport, first discovered a love for the mountains by traveling in her teens on cross country trips with her grandparents.  Later she discovered a love for permaculture in college, minimalism and traditional nourishment in motherhood, and homesteading while living the full-time RV life with her family in the western U.S.  Charlie was never fulfilled by her entrepreneurial career or career by employer endeavors; rather found creating a healthier lifestyle alongside her husband to be a more natural calling to her hearth and home instincts.  When she’s not traveling, or working on off-grid homesteading research; Charlie is creating a daily photograph journal of her family’s adventures backpacking, hiking, kayaking, homesteading, and living life to its fullest.


Tom KayakingNE Ohio born and raised Tom Newport grew up in the quiet suburbs of Canton/Massillon where he was always drawn to the outdoors.  His natural knack for management and merchandising led him to a successful 20+ year career in retail management.  Most his career he moved around northern Ohio opening and managing big box stores.  His career later took he and his family to California.  Burning out on the rat race that left him no family time and unethical corporate practices he changed careers to land management.  This took his family on a full time RV adventure stretching from the California coast to the high Rockies of Colorado.  During this time, he renewed his childhood connection and love of the land.  There was much talk and plans of homesteading in the future.  As life is unpredictable (see why we chose to homestead) the homestead timeline was moved up.  Tom now finds himself learning new skill sets in homesteading, applying his land management skills to his own land.  His days no longer end in ethical torment and stress induced physical exhaustion.  Now he finds his body and soul nourished by the homestead lifestyle and is living a successful life in fatherhood, as he says, “the real wealth of this lifestyle change is time with my family that the retail world would never allow me.”  Now long days of rewarding work are capped with reading his two boys to sleep, and fireside chats with his wife Charlie.

About Nonetheless Off Grid Homestead

4 cats

We found our dream off-grid homestead property. 10 acres and a 400 sq ft cabin in the woods.

1 dog

2 kiddos

2 hermit crabs

ONE precious life to live &

ONE big decision to live a natural minimalistic life!

May 2014 in a rented RV we drove away from a large house, large yard, community where everyone knew us, literally sold box truck sized loads of stuff, and for my husband he left a 21-yr high paying career with all the perks…Why? For a lifestyle we believed was best for our family. Presently, our RV journey took a U-turn and we’re now in a phase of life we call Homestead Happiness.  I hope you will follow along as we journey through this life finally answering our question of, “RV There Yet?” and answering the call, the echoes we heard in our daily conversations, “Nonetheless, I just want to homestead.”